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Dreaming of an engagement ring like no other? Design your own engagement ring online! Select a diamond and setting in your desired cut, size and clarity. Once you’ve perfected your design, we’ll craft a unique ring that captures your heart and love.



Here at JW Schwarz, we are dedicated to providing the finest quality pieces to our customers. We are educated in the meaning of trust, value and true craftsmanship. It is the client’s reaction to their dream piece that sparks our continual passion for beautiful diamond jewellery.


JW Schwarz is one of the largest sellers of lab grown diamonds in Australia. We are a proudly eco-conscious company that offers wholesale diamond prices direct to the consumer. Our lab diamonds are 100% man-made, making them truly ethical and conflict-free.

Rob Menon

Absolutely amazing experience. Justin was fantastic, taking me through the entire end to end process, helping me design the best ring for her and us! I visited several times before placing an order and Justin was always helpful, patient and super discreet. 11/10, would do it again!

Dan Brown

In an exciting time in our life, that could’ve easily become overwhelming due to our inexperience in the world of weddings, Justin was the voice of reason. He provided us with expert knowledge, actively giving us advice and recommendations that he saw best – instead of just nodding along with what the client wanted to hear. I appreciated his professionalism, flexibility, honesty and humble brilliance, leaving me with a ring I absolutely love.

Sarah Blackman

As soon as we decided to get engaged my fiancee, Anthony, and I knew Justin was the person to go and see. Justin spent the time to explain and educate us in the different styles and options. Justin made the process of finding the perfect engagement ring such an enjoyable and exciting process. The end result left us with a ring we absolutely love and get so many comments on.

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