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Our Bespoke Process

Bespoke CAD – an easy guide to perfection

With our sophisticated CAD (Computer Aided Design) system, we can provide realistic 3D images of your design throughout the process so that together with our designers you can fine tune each element to ensure total satisfaction with the end result.

  1. Drawing / Brief

  2. Initial quotation

  3. CAD file preparation

  4. Final quotation

  5. Renders and Specs

  6. Hi Res and Video


Drawing / Brief


Initial quotation

Based on the design / brief provided, we will respond with a quotation that will be within a 90% range of accuracy, and the delivery time frame possible.


CAD file preparation

Depending upon the complexity of the design we are able to provide snapshot updates of the CAD progress to insure the interpretation is correct.


Printed Wax


Renders and Specifications

Clients are provided with a complete set of renders and specs. of the finished design before production commences


Hi Resolution Images and Video

On request we can supply print quality hi res images and video of your exclusive bespoke design.

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